Incomparable support and services for your computers systems.
For your specific needs.

Management of Computer Systems

You can trust us with the management, maintenance and monitoring of your computer system. Either for watching and monitoring the well being of your servers or workstation, we use tools that let us be proactive. Solutions that inform us in real time when a problem occurs. What could be more frustrating than to discover on Monday morning that your server has been down since Friday night? We take meticulous care for documenting the important information of your computer system so that you can always have the right information, with security in mind.

Heterogeneous Systems

Contrary to many IT shop, we are able to offer supports and services for any type of computer systems. Services for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, our support team have a lot of experience for any of those 3 platform. We do not believe that one kind of computer system is better than the others, we simply use the best tools available to us, on any platform available. Heterogeneous systems that can communicate together, without limits.

Service for the SMB of Quebec

We offer services, solutions and support for the SMB of the province of Quebec. Custom solutions for the specific needs of your business. Services that are normally only available to the corporation, now at your disposal, for the SMB of Quebec. Services offered in English or French, we are adapted to the 21th century of our world, where the frontier no longer exist. We are proud of who we are, what we can achieve and what we can offer to you and your business.