We offer a wide variety of services of information technologies for small and medium business in the province of Quebec.

Here’s a short list of all the different services we can offer to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Databases administration

Databases are everywhere today and are often the most used tools for small and medium business. If you have problems or are looking to optimize your databases, ask our experts about what they can do for your system. We can manage and administrate the services associated with your database. We also offer backup solution and restoration in case of a problem with your databases.


Having an electronic store today is an important point when trying to reach has many customers as possible without having a physical store. The futur are the E-Shop.

For selling and reaching customers in a “niche” market, having a presence online for selling is easier than you may think. We can accompany you from the start to the end of the projet, or if you simply need help with advices, installations, configuration or implemeting an E-Shop then contact us.

You will be able to reach the world market through the Internet.

Office’s Software Support

We offer support for any production software that you may use in your office. May it be Microsoft Office, emails client, antivirus, Windows update or for installing any software, our team have a lot of experiences for technical support with the most popular office’s software. Problems with your computer? We can make an evaluation and give you suggestions for having a better experience with your working tool. Stop being at the mercy of your computer and take back the control!

Backup systems

It is not the computers or the softwares of your office that bring values to your SMB but the data that is generated by your computer tools. Do you have any backups of your data? What can you do if any of your hard disks that host your precious data fails? Do you also have some backup outside of your computers, servers or your offices? Backup data ask for a lot of time just for managing it and we also need to test the backup once in a while to make sure that it is working and your data is good on it. Do you have a restoration procedure in case of a problem? Ask us about our backup solution for your enterprise, we offer backup in the Internet cloud, simple and efficient backup system.

Emails Systems

Emails today are the most used communication systems in our work environment. And how much precious time do we waste just to manage the never ending flow that comes everyday in our inbox with a system that is not properly configured. It’s very easy to create an email system but it’s an art to do it correctly. Don’t let your emails take over and take back the control of your electronic communications. We offer hosting solutions for any type of email’s system with any kind of protocol, being POP3, IMAP or even Microsoft Exchange. We offer support for emails with any hosting providers. Do you have recurrent problems with your emails? Contact us, we can make an evaluation of your email’s system configuration (reverse DNS, MX records and SPF records) to make sure that it is done properly. Microsoft Exchange email solution hosted in the cloud : Would you like to share your calendar, agenda, contact lists or even your email’s inbox with your work’s colleague? How about having a centralized list of contacts for everyone in your organization? There are many solutions available for this kind of situation but for MS Outlook’s users, Microsoft Exchange is still the best solution available. Previously only available to big enterprise, the new generation of MS Exchange will make no compromise between your electronic communication’s security and the advantages of sharing the information with your employees. We can offer secured emails system at affordable prices.

Networks Architecture

The Local Area Network or LAN is the backbone of any computer’s system. Sharing the internet connection (WAN) and giving you easily access to any services like your servers and printers, the network is at the base of all computer’s system. Don’t neglect that dorsal spine of any system, a well-placed investment at the start will make sure that your network can grow with your company needs and will have a long life. We can help you with the installation and/or configuration of any switches, routers, firewalls or VPN services. We can also offer automatic redundancy of your network services to make sure that it’s always available, even when one of the devices fails, all for having a fast and reliable network.


Emails are very useful for sharing informations but are not the solutions for sharing files. A file and printer sharing server make the process of working as a team very easy and more importantly, faster. Would you like a versioning system for your project’s files? You can save your files in all of their different creation steps and be able to go back to their previous version with speed and some simple clicks. Revolutionary system for team work with security and configuration for your specific needs. We can also offer MS Sharepoint portal for sharing MS Office files (Word, Excel, etc.) with any employees of your organization, may they be on the road or in the office, all around the world, with access security. A good solution for offices that have many physical installation or for employees who are on the roads or work at home. We can also monitors your systems and servers, making sure that security is always there for you.

VoIP Phone Systems

A complete phone system with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) just like the ones that the big corporations are using for a fraction of the cost? Yes, it’s possible. Phone system through Internet or VoIP, cheaper than a traditional analog and/or digital system, offers you all the possibilities of a full fledged phone system, automated, voice mail, multilingual with call forward and the choice for having an unlimited numbers of phone lines, just for your needs. Receive all your voice mail by email, stop missing important voice mail at the office when you are outside. Add extra local number to your company or a 1-800 number for an International reach. A phone system for a good price and not an astronomical one. Do you have problems with your current phone system? Do you need help to migrate your old system to VoIP? We can do the project management, provide you all the necessary hardware, a turnkey project!

Web Development

Business cards are always useful for sharing contacts information between business relation. But today, with the web it’s even more easier to access online information and a space on the web is essential for companies that would like to present themselves to the public by showing more that just some contacts info. Do you need a space on the virtual web for displaying your services? You don’t know where to start? Either for creating a new site, editing an existing one or just looking for a space on the Internet for a web hosting, we can offer you all of these services. Do you want to maximize your presence online and with search engines? There are ways for doing so properly, contact us, you will save a lot of times with our advices.


We offer hosting for any services. DNS, emails, web page, we make sure that our services have redundancy so that we can offer the best uptime. Our servers are located in a datacenter that is SOC 2 compliant, at the heart Of Montreal, QC. meaning that all of your data hosted by us are under the protection of the canadian laws only. We take very seriously the security and the integrity of your data. Do you know where your servers are currently located on the planet? Don’t be left in the dark and trust us with the hosting of your services.