In these modern time of communication, it’s important, even essential to have a proper computer system that will let the flow of information be shared easily between coworkers in the SMB. We want to help the growth of the SMB from here to create work, jobs and prosperity for our society. Helping the SMB to save time and money by eliminating the repetitive and tedious tasks with computer systems ans software. To make sure that you have a good and reliable network of communications. Don’t be left out of the race and invest in your computer system so that you can be among the most competitive on the market. The future is in modernization and optimization of our work’s process and tools. We believe in it strongly.

Strong from my personal experience of more than 17 years and with a university’s certificate in telecommunication, Services Informatiques Alexandre Vanier has started in 2007. SIAV support and offer solutions to SMBs, software studio development and even with video game studios. For proposing a complete architecture of a computer system or even do the installation and configuration of workstations, we can offer a lot of services. Check out the Services section to get an idea of what we can do. You are looking for ideas or solutions for software? Before spending a fortune, consult us. With our expertise and experience we can propose solutions that will meet your specific needs. Solutions that are for great enterprise, available for the SMB of Québec!

The team from Services Informatiques Alexandre Vanier.